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hurt leg

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Had a 7 week old hen hurt her leg. Pretty sure it's not broken but might be sprained or dislocated. No vets deal with chickens in my area. Any ideas to help her? She is eating n drinking fine. I have already separated her from the flock.
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Welcome to BYC. How is she standing or walking? Does she hold the leg up, walk on it, or is the leg stuck out in an odd position? Can you see any swelling, redness, or bruising on the leg or foot? Can you look at her foot pad for any cuts or sores? Resting her leg in a crate or cage near the other chickens would help her to remain part of the flock while she heals. Put her own food and water in there. It can take 2-3 weeks for a bad sprain or a broken bone to heal. Splinting may help if it is broken. Large animal vets will sometimes see chickens if they are familiar with them.
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Update: Helen is doing better, making slow but steady progress. She's not liking being separated even thought she's still kept close by.
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Is Helen a partridge rock? How is she walking? Can she have some short visits with the other chicks? They love to be with the others. You could also put one of the chicks inside her little basket for visits.
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Yes she is. She is using it a little more each day. We flipped a large laundry basket over her in the pen (or just out side it) so she can still feel like part of the flock. She get a little upset when she has to come in at nights. She really want to go back in with the others but she is still gimping.
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