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Injured Duck - feet overlapping, walking funny

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I have a hobbly duck sad.png two were but after changing some stuff up the other is doing much better, but this one seems worse. She (assuming) seems to trip over her own feet and when I pick her up and let her legs hang, they cross. They're about 5 or 6 week old Khaki Campbells. She seems fine otherwise, though she is the smallest of the four. I've had no luck searching for what it might be - it doesn't seem like splayed leg, as they go in not out? I would love to figure out how to help her, this is our first time with ducks.
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It sounds like she has a niacin deficiency and I bad case at that. You need to get some niacin supplements ASP. You can get the human supplements at a store, the kind that are capsules that are full of powder that you can pull apart. You can also use brewers yeast if you can't find the supplements.

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Thanks, that's what I was assuming after an unfortunate incident with medicated chick starter (I'm furious and horrified at myself). I've been adding Brewers yeast will make a point to give her some pease rolled in it to ensure its not getting taken by the others. Is that pretty much all I can do at this point for her?
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Yeah that's about it other then taking her away from the flock so you can insure that she gets the brewers yeast but that wouldn't be nice to her. You could also buy game/show bird food or ultra kibble from tractor supply and feed them that instead of chick starter. I feed my ducklings a mix of both foods, both have extra niacin in them and are for ducks and such.

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Thanks! I've got them all on grow and show from blue seal now and have been keeping up with the Brewers yeast and "Hobs" as I call her seems to be doing better. Still not walking totally normal, but much better than she was.

Yeah, these 4 are SO attached to each other... They freak when I separate them just to move them outside, haha.
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They sound cute! My first duck I ever got had a niacin problem and his feet at one point were completely turned in, like his toes were pointing at each other. I gave him some niacin in his food and they turned out some, he still steps on his feet when he walks but doesn't seem to be bothered by his feet and I haven't seen him be tripped up by them so I'm sure your duckling will do fine.

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