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Hen Passed Rubber Egg -- Is There More?

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Tonight at bed time I walked in to see one of my hens in a nesting box, and our girls have always roosted, so I was immediately concerned. On further inspection, I found and gently removed what appeared to be a very poorly formed rubber egg from her vent. It was completely exposed and just a tiny piece was stuck. She immediately got up from the box and went up onto the roost with her sisters. She was her normal self all day long. I did not feel any masses that might indicate other eggs stuck.

Should I be concerned that anything else is stuck? She seemed relieved afterward, I just want to do the best I can for her. They have free choice calcium supplement along with their layer pellets. Will be a year in August. She's usually a good layer.

This is the best photo I could get in the dark.
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I would keep an eye on her. It could just be a one time glitch.

Do you think the yolk and the white broke inside of her?

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I was unsure about any yolk, but the white was in the awkward v-shaped casing in the photo above which was sealed.

Thank you for the links!
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Before I took care of the horses Peggy was back in the box early this morning. Our girls usually lay around 10-11am. I could tell she was straining so I figured I would give her some time to work on it herself. I came back and she was still in there and relaxed. The photo is of the egg that was in the box. Lots of calcium deposits and bands of color. Pretty sure she wouldn't have let one of the others in there so it must be hers. But I brought her in and soaked her in an Epsom bath to be careful. She is in a quiet box to rest for a while. She is still bright in the comb and seems very alert. She has been preening herself as well. She loved the bath, even shut her eyes for a few minutes while I rubbed her belly.

I think we are out of the woods. There has been a snake nearby that my husband was able to deal with yesterday, I'm wondering if that stressed her out. She and the others have been normal otherwise.
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Stress can cause egg laying issues, so hopefully giving her a little quiet rest and TLC will help her out. She does look content so I think you are right she enjoyed her spa:)

The only other thing I can think of doing is adding some poultry vitamins to her water for a couple of days.

I hope she continues to do well.

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She is still resting comfortably it seems, I will try putting her back out this evening if she is still content and see how she does. I have some electrolyte mixed in for her, will give the rest of the flock some too.

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Peg still isn't quite right. She had received a second spa treatment late afternoon yesterday, and honestly after that perked back up, ate and drank on her own then hung with the flock for a bit. Come bed time she and another hen (who never sleep in the nesting boxes) were tucked away in there, and I said have at it. This morning, however, Peg is back to where she was yesterday morning. We are picking up some liquid calcium to try. She looks more fluffed up and isn't wanting to move around. I was able to give her some electrolyte water to start the day.

Any other suggestions?
Wait and see what the calcium does for her?
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It could be an internal laying issue like Salphingitis or Peritonitis. Wondering if the yolk traveled back up the oviduct and dropped in the abdominal cavity it could cause a secondary infection.

Does her abdomen feel swollen at all?

What does her poop look like?

I don't think the calcium will hurt, but you may have to resort to antibiotics to see if there is any improvement.

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That's what I was thinking too. The poop is what's throwing me. If she is it's wet, but we don't have many droppings going on. The electrolytes must have kicked in because her comb is redder as perkier again. Preened a bit. Started her on some D-10 too. Also gave her some dissolved tums, figured that couldn't hurt. She ate a few diced up grapes and is hanging in solitary.
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Peg really hasn't improved, but I don't think she has necessarily gotten worse. She had a bit of an appetite a couple of times. Ate grapes and some feed soaked in dissolved tums. She has a container of D 10 water, and I also administered as much as she would drink with a syringe tonight. She continues to lay down and hold her tail upright, looking puffed.
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