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Sick Roo please help

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My one roo is really worrying me this morning, I'm afraid he might've even slept outside in the mud.

Yesterday I went out to the coop and was working on some things and saw him laying in the mud (it's been raining here for days) and he didn't seem like he could get up. So I picked him up, stood him up and gave him some food. Worked around the coop some more Nd kept an eye on him. All seemed fine.

This morning I went in to get my son up and looked out his window to check on the chickens and I honestly thought Louie was dead. Threw my boots on and ran out to the coop. He had picked his head up and was looking around by the time I got there. Went in and he was laying in the mud again acting like he was stuck. Picked him up and put him in a big rabbit hutch that I have. Gave him food and water. He did try to peck one of my girls on the way out so he's still got a little spunk.

Mostly his symptoms seem to be little to no strength and wobbly when he walks. He is eating/drinking/pooping. I have another larger roo in the same coop/run area but they have always gotten along splendid spin don't think it's an issue with being hurt. Thoughts? He's my fave roo, I don't want anything to happen to him😢
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With roosters, one can be kept from food and water sometimes. I would make sure that he is drinking some SaveAChick  or other electrolytes in his water. Green poop can be a sign of not getting enough to eat. Are his droppings runny or have mucus or blood in them? Coccidiosis can sometimes be a problem with wet weather. Signs are lethargy or sleepiness, weakness, standing or sitting puffed up or hunched. not eating well, and runny stools. Corid (amprollium) from the feed store can treat that. Worms could also be a possible problem, and Valbazen or SafeGuard Liquid are good wormers. Check him for signs of mites or lice, and feel of his crop to check if it is empty, full, soft, or hard. Make sure that it empties by early morning.

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From what you've said, it sounds like he may have coccidiosis. Lethargic, weak, sits all puffed up when he's sitting, stool is normal colored but runny. Is their anything else I could give him tonight? Our "local" feed store closed at 5.
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