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Silkie pullet with swollen side of face and crusty eye...

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Any ideas on what I am dealing with? Planning on getting ACV and antibiotics, but I know different antibiotics work for different things and if it's viral they won't help. She's separated, warm and dry now, but we've had some pretty wet weather the last few days. I just saw this this morning, but I have been barely home the last few days so I feel terrible if I missed the first signs!






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Look her eye over for any foreign body such as a weed, dirt, or piece of straw, and look for any peck marks. Many times facial swelling and eye drainage is a sign of a respiratory disease such as mycoplasma (MG) or coryza that cause sinus infection. If you see any white or yellow pus in the eye, it must come out, and the eye flushed with saline. Terramycin eye ointment can be used twice a day in the eye. Does she have a bad odor around her face? Tylan 50 injectable 1/4 ml given orally twice a day for 5 days is good for respiratory MG or bacterial infections. Oxytetracycline in the water is also good instead, but she needs to drink well. Here is a good link for reading about those and other common diseases:

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Thank you for the reply. She is on Oxytetracycline in the water and I am helping deliver it to her via a syringe, which she accepts. She is not eating. Her face is so swollen her beak no longer lines up. But she is active and alert (and upset about being by herself). Any other ideas who I can work to reduce the swelling or what this might be? I don't smell an odor. Eye is becoming foggy, it looks like. 

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new pictures...




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I'm really hoping anyone has an idea on this? Has anyone seen this before?

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It looks like a pretty serious sinus infection, probably from MG. Is she sneezing or wheezing? I would seek a vet for treatment if possible, since they can give stronger antibiotics and steroids if needed. Her eye looks pretty matted with crusty drainage, and I would apply some warm compresses to it to soften the crusts. Get some Terramycin eye ointment from the feed store. I have even use plain Neosporin in chicken's eyes without a problem, but Terramycin is very good, and use it twice a day.Are any other chickens showing any respiratory symptoms? Here is some reading:

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Thank you. I am heading to the feed store to get the drops. No one else is showing symptoms yet. I have a whole new flock and they are all 9-12 weeks. She is 12 weeks. She is still totally alert and active. Doesn't seem to have labored breathing or in other distress. It's why I'm trying to fight for her. 


Unfortunately, the last "chicken friendly" vet I went to had to ask me what "being broody" meant, so I don't have full confidence in him. LOL. She is vehemently opposed to compresses, but I'm trying. 

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Compresses work well while watching a TV show and holding a chicken. Some even enjoy the shows, LOL.
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LOL. I'll have to try that!

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One of my roos has something that looks just like this! He's had this for about a week now, and when I first noticed, I wrapped him up in a towel and flushed the eye out with saline. Let him loose with the other birds, waiting to see if he'll get over this by himself. I may sound like a bad person right now, but I really don't like that rooster, and I have no need for him and he's even nasty to the hens. The swelling has gone down a fair bit and his face is less red. If he continues to improve, good on him, but if flares up and gets worse, camp freezer.



Anyhow, hope this gets better for you!


Also wrapping her in a towel while put the compress on her face will restrict her movement and calm her down, only way I could ever flush out my roo's eye.

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