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Lethargic, bluish comb, & no eggs

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Yesterday I noticed my Red Sexlink just sitting with her feathers poofed out. I went back a bit later and she hadn't moved. I lost the "head hen" a few days ago because she got egg bound. I thought maybe that's why she was acting strange; some type of mourning. Anyway, today, she still hadn't perked up so I managed to catch her and give her a warm bath. I looked her over thoroughly and found lice. I treated her after drying her off. A few hours later, she's still wrapped in a towel and not moving. She's sleeping... I keep checking for breaths. I've been able to give her 5ml of electrolyte solution orally. What else can I do?? I have absolutely no idea how old she is. She was given to me last year. My other 3 hens are acting fine (I treated them for lice too). Could it be worms? I've had them a year and never wormed them. Please help. I've got her in a dog kennel in my spare room. I've lost one hen this week. I really don't want to lose another.
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Can you post a photo of her?

Is she having trouble breathing, you mention you keep checking for breaths, a blue-ish comb can be a sign of not enough oxygen.

How does her abdomen feel, is it soft, hard, feels like a balloon or filled with fluid?

When was the last time she laid an egg, have you felt inside her vent to feel for an egg?

What does her poo look like?


Continue to try to get fluids in her.

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She hasn't laid an egg in months. I figured she was just getting old. Her adnomen doesn't feel abnormal. Not hard or fluid filled. She actually pooped in my lap this morning.(Diarrhea) She slept in the cage all night and didn't move much. I added water to her layer pellets and mashed them. Gave her at least 20mls of that water this morning via oral syringe.
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Oh, and it doesn't appear she's having trouble breathing. She's just sitting so still that I keep checking to make sure she's still breathing.
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Poor girl. She looks very sick.

You may need to try some antibiotics to see if that will help.

Baytril or enrofloxacin may be a good choice at this point in time. I think you should be able to find one at the feed store.

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Unfortunately, I came home to a dead hen. 😢😢 I contacted someone with the department of agriculture and I am overnighting her body to their lab for an autopsy. I will post an update of cause of death once I receive it. Thanks for the help.
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I'm sorry for your loss.


Please do give us an update when you get the results.

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Based on preliminary lab data, Gertie died from lymphoma! =(
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