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Limping/Swollen foot

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Our Salmon Faverolle had bumble foot last year. It was lanced and the entire kernel came out. She seemed to have healed nicely. She started limping again about a month ago and we noticed the tiniest, black scab on her pad. Much, much smaller than last year. So small, we were hesitant to lance again. We did try, and nothing came out except blood this time, no puss or anything. Anyway, her foot is very swollen and she is now hopping around and rarely putting weight on that foot. She is eating, laying, and socializing like nothing is wrong. Just the limp. Here is a picture. Could it be something other than bumble foot? We have been soaking her foot in warm/hot Epsom salt bath and it seems to feel good to her. Any advice or thoughts would be wonderful!
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I'll be watching this closely. My SF roo has very swollen toes on one side. The two toe area (I have no idea what to call it) is three times the size as the other one. He also has scaly leg mites that I'm treating him for. I wonder if it's related...
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It does look like she may have some staph infection in her foot between the toes on top. I have done surgery on a couple that had it on the top and bottom. I don't do the surgery unless there is limping, or redness or swelling. The abscess on top may also need lancing and draining.
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Thank you. Is it treatable with antibiotics as well? I feel so bad for using a scalpel the best way or a syringe? We've been using the scalpel. It pains me to hurt her, but I want her to get better.
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Found some great info on here about using penicillin G injections for 4 days. I'm soaking her foot in Epsom salt daily too. Really hoping she gets better.
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If you Google bumblefoot in chickens, you will see and her link and video about the surgery. There are also good threads here on BYC if you do a search at the top of this page. Using a scalpel is much easier. I get disposable blades at TSC in the cattle/goat section. Can you post some pictures to help others?
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Yes, I've read her stuff. That's how we learned about it the first time around. It was helpful. Pics of her foot are in the original post. We are on day 3 of her round of antibiotics. I actually used a syringe yesterday while giving her injection and remove a lot of fluid. I can NOT do the cutting. I leave that to my husband...when he gets home, he'll have to give it a go. Thanks!
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When we do the lancing, I'll try and get pics of the process and what comes out...
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