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chicken math and a little murphy's law

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it's going to be long! bear with me.


almost 2 months ago we had a hen go broody. it took her over a month of "trying" before she finally sat, and all went well until day 6 when she very suddenly abandoned her eggs. she didn't sleep on them, and day 7 ignored them. it turned out, every single egg was infertile. however, she has never been the same since. from the day she got off, she kept herself sort of separate from the flock. we had an aggressive rooster at the time (aggressive toward the hens) and he was culled, leaving behind our nicer-to-hens, but (later we found out) mean to children rooster. she began eating her eggs. i knew she needed protein from the brooding. i supplemented, i contained her to take her eggs, i tried everything i could. the moment i let her back with the flock, she went back to being crazy. i dont usually see her until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and then she goes in to sleep with the hens.


we decided to incubate and got one chick out of 3. we also finally got our thanksgiving poults. we had a predator attack. we lost all but 2 of the babies. our final rooster attacked our son. we killed the rooster. we decided to get a bourbon red and some hatching eggs. we put a few more chicken eggs in the bator too. we have 11 eggs in there, 8 chickens/poults left. went out tonight to clip wings. crazy hen is nowhere to be found. we do a check. at the last moment i realize we usually leave out garage open all day. so i give it a go and check.



we checked for fertility. they're fertile.


we have over 25 eggs trying to be hatched. we have 8 already alive birds.


we have a 10 bird limit in the city.


i can't stop laughing.


we're ging to let her do her thing. worst case scenario she abandons again and we lose a bunch of eggs. best case scenario we have a lot of dinners coming up and we have to give away some animals when it gets suspicious ha!!!

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What a great story! Good luck to her. I hope she gets the chick she wants. smile.png
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i hope she does too!! at least it's a fairly no pressure situation for everyone involved. if she jumps ship off the eggs, it's not really a loss for us. but i think in order for her to remain in the flock, she needs to get through this process so she can reset her chicken mind. so i hope she makes it for that reason alone!

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well, she's committed, i'll give her that! but maybe not super smart. she got off the nest today and i found out she had pooped on it twice. not directly on the eggs, thank goodness. she DID however eat one of the eggs, so i had to clean everyone off and change some things around. 16 eggs total. she flew at me when she came back and i was trying to clean them! what an adventure.

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