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Helping an injured ducking?

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Hey guys, I found a lone duckling in the bushes next to my apartment. It seemed very frightened, but it was shaking intensely and limping quite a bit, so I decided to help it (I live quite a distance from the pond and there are never ducks near my apartment). So, I was just wondering if anyone here had any advice of what to do to help the duckling, or whether I should release it/bring it somewhere to get help. I've looked around google for tips and haven't found much besides the basics. As of now, I have the duckling in a fish tank filled with mulch and a tupperware full of water (see pics) with an LED light. I'm keeping it on the porch so it can be warm. Otherwise, any advise on how to care for it better and help its broken leg would be of great help. I added pictures so you guys can see how the leg is injured. Thank you in advance!

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I would take it to a wildlife rehabber. We just did this a few weeks ago with one that we found. It looks really young and at that age it needs to be kept warm. 90 degrees the first week and 85 the second week.

The water container needs to be modified- it looks like it has way too much water. At that age they can't float and can easily drown in water more than 1/4 in high. In nature they get waterproofing from Mom's feathers. they will also freeze if they get wet and do t dry right away. Most ducklings aren't given access to water they can get their whole body in for those reasons. They do need pretty constant acess to drinking water though, especially if they're eating. Starter crumbles at the feed store is good for food.

Out here Project t Wildlife takes all the waterfowl, rehabs them, and return them to the area they were found once they can fly. I'm not sure what the equivalent would be out there but I'm sure if you google wildlife rehabber you can find out. With the screwed up leg, that's where I'd take it.

I wish you all the best!
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Not sure if I made this clear- heat lamp for warmth to get its enclosure to 85-90 degrees on one side. (Put heat lamp on one side, not the middle, so it can get out of the heat if it gets too hot)
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