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Cosmopolitan Rednecks And The Neighborhood Chickens

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OK, so, for as many pictures as we take of our chickens and as much as I go on about them I figure why not just start a thread of my own about these little feather headed fluff butts?  So here I am. I may ramble from time to time but if that's ok by you,  well read on and feel free to let your words and pictures join in.  


Gonna start with a little story of us, and the birth of our handle.


My wife is a born and breed South Tampa gal, daddy was a fine man from Kentucky and her mom...well, she's a yankee..but I don't hold that against her, she's a wonderful lady.  My wife calls us cosmopolitan rednecks.  Me, I just call us stuck in town and dreaming about pulling up stakes and moving to a bit of land far enough away from the population of towns and/cities that at night I'll be able to see the Milky Way in the sky.  I've lived in a few places in my time where when you stepped out onto your front porch, the only sounds you heard was crickets and frogs and the breeze going through the trees.  Where instead of city lights, you had fireflies lighting up in the night.  Where leaning up against a fence post and letting you mind rest after a long shift of earning your pay was enjoyed more than plopping your backside onto a couch and watching TV till you called it a night.

Till that bliss is a reality we can enjoy and cherish...I make it a point to keep the kids humble, remembering that fun can be had without spending too much money, and sometimes not any. Like hanging a bed sheet in the yard and watching a movie by way of a projector that's seen better days. Or maybe having the neighborhood kids over for a sit down around the fire pit we dug up in the front yard. Yah I said front pit.  Uh huh.  As for me and the missus, we "escape" the confines of Tampa every chance we get, taking drives out of town and going no particular place. Lesser populated places the better.  Much to the relief of my mind and soul.  See my time here is been the longest stretch I been in a place where you can talk to your neighbor...from your front yards, minus the phones.  Thankfully, she likes open spaces and understands that I need to get away every so often or I'll end up pitching a tent outside just to get the feel of And I love her to death that she was more than open to the idea of us getting chickens.  


Soon as she said "oooh chickens...!"  I got to tell yall I didn't hardly hear much else.  My head started churning ways to get this project up and going like a pig being chased..  Limited budget meant I had to figure on getting as much materials as I could for as cheap as I could...or free.  Free's good.  "if it's free it's for me" is a motto I live by. I been known to pull over and get out of the truck to fetch a bungy cord or screw driver off the road and my kids know I like hardly nothing better than grabbing something that got hauled to the curb and saving it from the trash pick up.  After hitting up the two home improvement spots by us for scrap wood and going through craig's list EVERY DAY for fencing and what all, I hit the jack pot of all jack pots one day.  A  damaged storage container 8 ft long by near 8 ft tall was being given away. FOR FREEEE.

"Why...that would make a heckuva hen house!"  Says I to myself

Ya daddy I called for it, told the fella I'd be over and took off like the devil was at my heels.Once I got there though I had to figure on how to get it home. I won't bore yall with that part but how we moved it in place once it was in front of the car port, well, that there is a story to tell.


Day after I got it I had both feet planted off to the side and was staring and staring at it.  I was thinking so hard and furious I think I smelled wood burning.  A sucker that size even without so much as a tig in it is a weighty thing, indeed, let me tell you. And there was no way it'd be all that much lighter even with 2 feet cut off the top of it.  See I had to do that to get it into the carport...and through the side of the carport so it could head off the front of the house and round the corner to the far end of the side yard and oh my God and all the little fishies you created...I may have bit off a bit more than I could chew. I had to do it this way because the alternative was take down a portion of the fence and I couldn't do that...trees in the way...think think think think think think think, *wood burning*   Ta dah, solution!  Went to work where I push a broom and with a smile on my face and hope in my heart asked the boss man if I could maybe borrow if ya please, your pallet jack, hum?

The hydraulic one.  

That one that can lift up that big old gennie.

Yah, that one. 

* smile showing all my teeth*


"Sure, no problem just bring it back tomorrow"


I coulda kissed him.  So for yall that know me you know how we moved this thing into place. Those that don't Hi, we moved that monster by way of my wife and daughter laying down 3 panels of plywood, leap frogged over and over as a sort of redneck styled  pathway, while my son pushed and I pulled with all our might but no to fast cuz it wobbled a little to and fro and though I love him, the boy come close to rolling me under and turning me into a greasy spot in the yard, and stop catch your breath, now PULL!!!  PUSH!!! l  LEFT! GO TO THE LEFT STOP!!!  Back it up, now PUUUUUUUUSH!!  Almost there...STOP!  The panel, Babe, get the panel over here! I said stop! Wait for the panel!  Watch my foot watch my foot!  Get out ot the way Push Push Push...THERE!  WHEW!   We got it 100 and some odd feet to where it now sits and will stay AMEN!  The rest of the story is sort of dull in comparison to the move.  Heh. Just cut and nailed, and stapled and dug, you know, a typical hen house and enclosure dealio.  End product we called the chicken mansion because it is HUGE.  Spacious enough friends say when I get myself in the dog house with the wife, I could stay in the hen house real comfortable like, no problem! And I wouldn't have far to moved for breakfast neither!


So, one near hernia and hen house painted red later.. .( that's why we call it the mini barn ) we got our first bunch. that being  a buff orpington and a speckled sussex we got from the local feed store. The weeks not even half over and wouldn't you know it, wife got hit by the chicken fever.  She wanted 2 more chicks on account of 2 is so lonely...uh...ok. So that following weekend 2 light sussex babes were got from a breeder that become our trusted friend.  After a few days we named them Marilyn Norma, Jeannie and Tippy and we got to tending to them like what they were going to be; spoiled little chickens that would give us eggs.  As they grew, each day was a new story to each other of how they did this and how that did that and isn't that cute? Pictures started being taken on a daily and we got to showing them to everybody.  Even the waitress at our favorite restaurant. She indulged us.  


The day came when they moved into the mini barn for good rather than "field trips" like we'd been giving them becaused they were so young and the wife said she wanted to sit out with them and just watch them play. So I hauled over a couple yard chairs and we sat and watched them check out their enclosed yard and run in and out of the pop door to the barn.  It was quiet.  It was calming.  Peaceful.   After a bit she turns to me and says kind of quiet like, in a real happy tone like on Christmas eve when you head to bed knowing something's under the tree waiting on you to open it the next day


"Hum, we got chickens in our yard.  And a fire pit.  And 2 hound dogs.  We're kind of like...cosmopolitan rednecks aren't we?"


That was some time back now.  Since then, wife said they'd like more room so the fence for their yard area when we let the out of the enclosed coop...was...moved...twice. UHHHHHH! Guess she speaks chicken cuz they seemed happy enough to me with what I started them out with for "get out and stretch your legs" area but hey...what momma wants, mamma gets, then everybody's happy.  Norma and Marilyn were found out to be Norm and Marlin.  We gave them both to our breeder friend, happy to do so because his light sussex roo couldn't mate anymore and he know a young man that was looking for a buff orpington roo.  So good homes for both.  Then we lost little Tippy Hendren.  Poor little Henny.  She was my favorite and was a character and she's still missed to the point I accidentally call Jean Tippy sometimes.  That left Jean all by her self.  She didn't take to that and seemed to mope around so we started researching what to get.  This time we were going to pick from among the auto sexing so we wouldn't have baby roos again.  Being stuck in town, we're not allowed roos.  Wouldn't you know it though...wifey went to the feed store with me and I walked out with a bag of chick feed and she...well...she walked out with a pair of RIR  chicks.  Jeanie never really took to them though..funny, that.  Kind of stand offish to them, realy.  Maybe cuz they're yankees?  They're names are Scarlet and Lucy but mostly we call them the Twins cuz the're attached at the hip. Then one day Jeanie wouldn't get up off her nest.  Which quickly got me to worrying because there wasn't egg laying going on, I had already got her egg a couple hours earlier.  We just lost Tippy not to long ago now what?  She's not getting up, I took her out and set her down on the pallet boardwalk and she just sat there with this look on her face.  Like she wasn't checked in.  Those of you that know, you know.  But I didn't know so I freaked a little.  She didn't eat that day, and didn't show interest in anything but sitting in her nest the following day so I had wifey call our breeder friend.  Told him all her "symptoms" and what could it be what could it be?

"Hum.  I wouldn't worry, she sounds like she's gone broody."

Wow.  Ohhhhhhhhh okay so she's wanting to make her own company and forget the yankees!


That weekend , 6 weeks and 2 days ago, we picked up 6 cream legbar eggs from him.  All 6 hatched, way to go Jeanie you sat on them like a champ!  Since they auto sex, we pick out 2 little baby hens to keep and the rest went to a friend that lives around the corner and down the road a look see.  Our 2 bitty hens are Boo (she's brave) and Poppin.  Poppin's got a lot to say.  Ok actually she complains...a lot.  Like it's a hobby.


So there you have it, yall are all caught up life life at the cosmopolitan redneck house. Where we got more pictures of our chickens on my wife's phone and our computer than we do of our kids.  Where I have a little slice of the life I miss in the middle of Tampa. Where tending to chickens not only is a daily chore but in a way a sort of therapy for me.  Like my wife says

"where you can lose your mind putting around with the dogs and chickens happily"


I hope to say in reading this and what I'll jot down in days to come it will bring a nod of understanding, seeing as yall have and enjoy these birds like we do.  And I hope to see pictures and read stories of yalls chickens too.  Have a good day.

Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
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So, sort of a "pictures of our chickens from chickabees to grown ups' recap-


Itty bitty Tippy( origianly named Lil Bit among other things) is the speckled sussex.  Full name- Tippy Hendren, after the actress in The Birds.hehe Marilyn (later to be outed as Marlin) is a buff orpington, named after Marilyn Monroe. This is their first night with us, we fixed up a ferret cage as their baby our son's room.  That way, us newbie chicken owners could have them close by.  And because my wife said so.

Seriously though...wasn't she the cutest?  She ended up wrapping me around her little a manner or speaking.

Looks like a sparrow, that was another name contender...Sparrow

SO stinking cute! bomber extraordinaire 

Tippy and Marilyn that a light sussex back there trying to hide?  Why yes, yes it is

One little 2 little 3 little chickies...and a sparrow

This is Norma...ahm...named after Marilyn Monroe

Jean on my arm...ahm...all sooooo named after...aaahm..see a pattern here? YOU GUESSED IT!  Hooray for you!  Marilyn Monroe!

The whole gang...that's Norma eating their baby vittles out of the cat bowl.  I ended up making them a platform at this point of their growth so they could come out and have more room...still in our son's room

Spa day for the younguns...on top of the brooder

First day in the yard...enclosure wasn't near done but I couldn't stand not being able to keep an eye on them while I worked so...field trip, babies!

So glad we kept that little cat carrier, came in useful for field tripping

I wasn't finished with the mini barn niether but they really loved field trips...and I kinda grew fond of them under foot and in the way

Norma and Jean taking in the sun

Tippy...died of sun bathing pleasure...haha

Norma was the first to master the baby perch

Tippy and Marilyn soon followed

Jean...little Jeanie...always gots to be different.  She never really took to perching

Still not done with their home...I work slow...took scrap pieces and set up ramps for really get in my way.  My little helpers

Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
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This...was the start of conversations with wifey.  Hon?  I think Marilyn...ain't a Marilyn.  Now...I have no idea what happened to a set of pictures so...there's a good jump from this stage


Jeanie and Norm..back there is Marlin and Tippy


The discovery of new heights


Most people like a little cream with their coffee....I like chicken


Tippy loved morning coffee time


"Big Black Baby Dog" getting a little jelous.  You can almost hear him saying  "But I'M The Baby!!


Norm claims the chair


This picture was one of the pictures that I posted on BYC with the question posed to thee folks with noe you chicken knowledge than me.  Sure enough I got "Yay...that Marilyn is a roo. "  Dang.  The I read a few post saying "Norma's not a Norma, neither"  DOUBLE DANG!  :barnie



Jeanie...on Norm.  Their nights in their home were...not so quiet nor all together orderly sometimes.  We started giving them goodnight cuddles,  put in a night light too.  Don't ask me why.  I give them a little platform on the one part of the roost there on account of they all wanted to huddle up tight...and like you see here, ON each other if they could do it without opposition.  Chicken dog pile.  Like magic...nights went quiet and peaceful at the neighborhood chicken house.  Uh nice butt Marlin



Jeanie on my work cart.  Marlin checking out the ferns


We don't have ferns there anymore...thanks chickens




Little older now...Norm by the fire pit.  Ain't he a looker?



Marlin heading to see if any food was left on the table...Jeanie and Norm back there

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Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
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Here's Marlin, just about all full grown up.  He was my "way to early to be crowing" roo.  Got him in the bathroom one very early morning to keep the neighbors from coming after us with pitch forks and torches.  Image the surprize that gave my wife in the shower....


Sweet little Tippy waiting to be served.  Hoping for meal worm topped corn bread...YUM!


Hop on Pop was her favorite game.  I couldn't hardly bend down for nothing without ending up with a bird on me.


Marlin...spoiled Marlin getting cuddles.  He would follow me around till I held him for as long as it took when he got the "hug me now" bug.


We set tables outside and had thanksgiving pilgrin style...with chickens getting bits of turkey!  Hehehehe!  Wifey's mom thought that was the funniest thing!


Ahm...why yes that is a rooster in bed.  The older he got the louder his crowing...I'd have to run on out there and bring him in so our fine neighbors wouldn't end up hating us.  Usually we'd hand out in the family room and watch TV.  Oh yes, he WOULD so watch it, he was turned facing it and looking right at it!  Bet me he wasn't!  Anyways, other times I'd roam the house with him...then there's the time I was just tuckered and went back to bed...with him wrapped in his "poo catcher" towel


Once the gang was all full grown up, the boys started getting a little ticked with me for being inside too long...they'd pace around under the bedroom window and cluck cluck cluck.  Had the bright idea to put my old work table there and you know, took them as long as it took me to get back in the house and into my room to jump on up there.


Pretty quick after that hey started the infamous...INVASION OF THE WINDOW CHICKENS!  Sound advise to all...don't have your window open on nice days when you put a table right under it.  You WiLL get visited.


ATTACK!  Love this picture of the boys



Not even Maxwell P. Cat would keep them from their visits to see what was keeping me




Christmas came and the gang made themselves at home at the manger I forget who but someone seen this picture that I had posted and replied with the nicest story about how chickens played a part in the manger.  That the hens gave eggs for food, then plucked their downy feathers to soften up the bed baby Jesus lay in and how the crows announced his birth.  Liked that story so much we decided to make it our Family Christmas card

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Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
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Lovely story, very well written! :clap


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After we found we had roos...we wanted to keep them but the city code don't allow us that.  For a month or so we fretted about who to give them to.  We tried craigslist but after getting calls we had doubts about the sort of intentions that might be had by the people calling.  So we decided to see if our breeder friend would take them.  Norm and Jeanie had come from him, so we felt good about him giving the boys good homes.  Turns out, his light sussex was not such a sure shot and he'd hurt his leg too so...Norman ended up getting eagerly taken to be the new breeder boy.  Even Marlin was welcomed, because Alan knew a young man that was looking for a buff orpington roo.  It was hard for wifey, she felt bad for awhile prior to all this "getting rid of the boys" You know how it raise them, love them, care for them.  No wonder, really, why some get hit by the guilt bug.  But as we left them to their new lives she felt better knowing they'd be cared for and be happy.  So now it was just the 2 girls.


Jeanie at the chairs under the window


Tippy playing hid and seek me!'s always something -

Not long after the boys were rehomed...I found Tippy perched on my trailer...she didn't look so good.  I hung around the barn that day, finding anything to do so I'd be able to keep an eye on her.  I suppose if anyone'd come around and seen her they'd say she looked well enough but...I just didn't think she looked herself.  She wasn't following me around, wasn't under foot...didn't even have any interest to hop on me when I got down low for her.  Plus, she wasn't eating or drinking.  All that day I was with her and she didn't eat or drink a single drop or pellet.  When it was time to put them up for the night, it wasn't the usual happy "goodnight cuddles"  Talked with wifey and she was saying maybe she missed the boys.  "OK, maybe, that could be, I dunno.  Ok, ..."  

Well...tell you what, I just don't really feel like typing it all over me too sensitive...too emotional.  Wuss, even..don't care.  So I'm just going to paste her memorial page, now.


I still miss you, Tippy Tippy Tay

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Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
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Originally Posted by BantyChooks View Post

Lovely story, very well written! :clap


Thank you, that's very kind of you to say!

Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
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Thread Starter the 1st or 2nd week of February, of 2016 now...

It was so hard bring Tippy home from the vet.  And though it was sad to put her to rest, there was another issue to deal with.  Jeanie was all alone now.  She'd never been alone before, ever.  I have no idea if chickens feel lonely.  Or if they wonder where their flock mates disappeared to.  I do know what I heard that night and what I dealt with for several days and nights after Tippy was put to rest.  Jeanie would wander around all over the place. Wasn't eating as veraciously as she's know too.  She's a foody as my wifey calls her.  She'd make such a fuss when it was time to go in that it was like trying to corral the wind.  She would not go in without effort.  And yes, I did think it was something I had to do rather than "just let her be, she'll go in when she's ready"  Hm.  It was dark out and she's still milling around and we got raccoons around.  I wasn't going to chance loosing our last chicken.  It seemed to me she was calling and calling for Tippy, she wasn't just milling she was "ca ca king"  pretty loud and a lot..    It was breaking my heart.  Once I'd  finally get her in the barn she'd really opened up.          It sounded like I was trying to kill her.  I'm surprised the neighbors didn't come running to see what the heck was going on.  It took some time but I'd finally get her in and she'd get herself to the lower roost that placed her right at shoulder height to me.  I'd pet and stroke her till she started to coo and come in close to me and cuddle up.  We'd stay like that for a bit, then I'd head up to the house wondering what we'd do.  

I the mornings when I'd go to let her out, I'd go on about my usual and she was never more than a few feet from me.  As the days went on it was clear to me by her being connected to my boot by and invisible string that she wasn't taking this being alone very well.  We had to get her company.  Days of looking up chicken breeds can be both cool and overwhelming, that is for sure!  The rest of February ebbed away and I think it was in the first few days of March, when we narrowed the search down to Ameraucanas or Cream Legbars.  Mostly because we got to thinking practical.  Ameraucanas are pretty popular around here so even if we got a cockerel out of what we picked, we could probably find a home for it without a problem.  The second choice, Cream Legbars, was picked because they auto sex.  So we could pick the boys from the gals and be sure to get hens only.  Funny how best laid chicken plans go...

I was headed to the feed store one day and wifey wants to tag along.  OK, come on then, with your painted toes, then.  Two walk in, two walk out with feed being hauled over my shoulder...and her with 2 baby chicks.  Not even close to what breeds we were considering by a long shot!  Not that there's anything wrong with R.I,R.'s  just...not what we talked about the very night before!  I know it was probably a "pity buy" on wifey's part and to be the back of my mind shoving it's way to the front was "Long as Jeanie's not alone anymore" coming in loud and clear.


New chicks, Scarlet and Lucy 


Lucy can't stay awake...and yes, that's a toy ducky in the brooder to keep them company



My daughter baby sitting the twins while I cleaned up the baby brooder.  


Which by the way I come up with, by way of my daughter's old dresser she didn't want and all kinds of scrap I gathered up from my shop.  It wasn't pretty but it worked! Not a bad job if I do say so and pat myself on the back for.  Plus, it didn't cost a dime!  Double yippee for me.  I had their floor as wire clothe and raised up just high enough to allow room for egg cartons to slid under and catch poopies.  Not bad, huh?



We kept telling ourselves these are just chickens, chickens to keep Jeanie company.  Didn't want to get to attached, you know?   What if we still managed to get a roo or TWO?  What if one don't make it?  What if what if what if?  You know the deal.  But just look at them!



Lucy making a break for it out the side...captor unaware!



NO HONEY!  Don't eat Scarlet!  Talk about your chicken nuggets!



Saw a post about making a heat tunnel for your babies in the brooder.  Getting wire clothe, zip ties, a towel and a heating pad...the twins loved getting ON it...not so much in it.  Least they were warm and happy.


Pretending to fly...


Zonked out watching tv...again.  Look at Scarlet dead to the world on her back!

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Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
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I'm ashamed to say and regret it too, that my family and I didn't get as involved with the R.I.R's when they were little.  They were fed, safe, the temp in the brood monitored carefully, but we didn't go gaga over them like we did with our foursome.  I think, looking back now, that we put them into the "chickens we're raising for eggs/not pets" category because we ended up getting invested with the boys.  Then off they went thanks to city code.  Tippy was mostly the favorite because she was so silly, curious and a little pathetic when there were treat to be had. While everybody else was diving and scrambling for crickets or mealworms, Tippy would lose out on over 85% of hers, even if we made the effort to make sure they all got their "share".  Why?  cuz the ditz would want to look at it and fiddle with it before deciding to eat it or not.  Well that's not going to fly when there's other chickens that are ready to snatch it from under you when you're "deciding".  Then we ended up losing her to who knows what.  Vets never were able to figure it out.  So I suppose it sort of made sense to not get to attached to Lucy and Scarlet.  Well...least I think that's what we were doing...without knowing we were doing it.

I say I regret it now because now that they're nearly grown up, we don't have a lot of their baby times photographed..  It's a shame too because they really are pretty birds.  



When I did do "hands on" baby sitting...I didn't always use JUST my hands.  Doesn't Scarlet make a nice ear warmer?



Fluff butt chickie



Scarlet  investigating  their first ear of corn



They weren't all together sure what to make of it at first


Day trip to the front run/potato patch

Accomplices in crime!  Nibbling the bougainvillea 





Tip toed chicken



Joined at the hip.  Reason why I call them the twins more than by names. 


Hey Lucy I think you stepped in poopies!



The discovered the potatoes!


Nice.  Scarlet showing her best side


PHEW!  Scarlet!  Point that thing somewhere else!


Daughter asked me on time how I could tell who's who.  She'd never noticed that Lucy's got a stubby tail




Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
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The twins now had their 1st ear of corn, which they figured out and went nuts for, and their 1st trip to the front run/potato patch.  Jeanie still hadn't taken to them.  We had hoped that by this time of the twins growth that she wouldn't be so stand offish to them like she was.  She'd chase them, bully them off the roost, charge them when they were eating and generally seemed she just would rather they stay far from her.  Being downfall...I started wanting to spend more time with them.  In comparison to her they were so small they wouldn't stand a chance if things got ugly.  She's chickzilla to them.  Guess you could say I got a soft spot for the underdogs..ahm...chickens.

Then one day, another deal come out of the clear blue...she woke up one day and left them alone.  In fact, she didn't get up from her nest at all.  Now, if you remember from my introduction, she was fine as frogs hair and nothing to worry about.  Just went broody.  But still, it was a worry till we found out what her deal was!

So...who's got broody hen pictures?  I DO! I DO!



Cream Legbar huevos



Jeanie went from Queenie Jeanie to Mama Jeanie!



The hatch starts!  Wifey was so glad she didn't go camping that weekend with the girl scouts!  She really didn't want to miss it!

Egg at the top is got cracks!   Where's the chick that belongs to that shell?



Here I am !  2 more eggs got cracks, too.  



I love this picture with Jeanie's giant feet and the wee little baby feet



Baby peepers peeking out


Such a good mama



Hi baby...I'm you mama



Smile for the camera baby



3 little girls and 3 little boys! Stripes are girls on the left, the lighter 3 are boys on the right

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Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
Happily losing my mind tending my little plot of the suburbs 
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