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SiLkIe Complications

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I have heard silkies are difficult to raise. I have raised 6 now to adult age. I have one that has wry neck, one with a weird looking comb, and three that are showing symptoms of illness, and one suddenly died after falling on its head. The ones that are showing illness are not eating, drinking a lot-to the point of spitting up liquid, nasty poop smell, and quite wobbly. Ive started on vit/min boosters plus med for coccidiosis. The only things I can think of that might have caused the illness are below:


Can chickens get Rust poisoning?


Can silkies get too hot?


Is cocci present in all chicken poo? 



what about E Coli?

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I had three silkies die recently. Shipped them off to get necropsy because everything pointed to Marek's Virus. Thank the Lord that I finally got some results: COCCIDIOSIS- Eimeria Necatirx.Treatable with Amprolioum and preventable for future up bringing. So thankful. :) Wish I would have done this sooner, 11 birds die since November 2015 (7 month period). Effected 26% of my flock. Fingers crossed this will take care of all the issues I have been experiencing.

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