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  You can make a profit but it will never pay the mortgage.


  First thing to do is evaluate your market.  I live in the metro Denver area where hens but not roosters are legal in many areas.  People want instant gratification with no risk of raising roosters so it's an ideal place for me to sell pullets.  $10 won't cover your costs even on a hobby level.  

  Are these hatching eggs barnyard mutts or are they pure bred?  Barnyard mutts are not going to have the market of a hatchery pure bred and they want a variety. 

  Examine your costs.  Lets say you pay $4/doz for fertile hatching eggs.  If you have a 75% hatch rate those eggs now cost you $5.34.  50% roosters so the 4.5 pullets cost you $1,19 each just for the eggs.  No clue on cost to run incubator for 21 days but let's just say $.25.  Now she cost you $1.44 just to hatch.  For the first 10 weeks an average chick will eat 10# of feed.  At $15/50#, that's $3.  For each week after that count on 2# or $.60 to feed her.  To get that one pullets to 16 weeks it would cost $8,04 plus bedding, electricity, brooder,,, without taking into consideration for any losses.  Don't hold on to them for 6 months.  Any profit will literally be eaten up

  I buy lots of 25 hatchery pullet chicks starting in late Jan raise them to 16-20 weeks.  They are ready mid spring when people are ready to buy.  I can also buy a better selection early in the season.  I sell them for $20 and make about $8 each.  Enough to give me free replacement hens and buy some extra feed.  I don't have any trouble selling pullets late in the season either.  The feed stores no longer sell chicks and people are always looking to add or replace pullets going into late summer.  My effort of raising 25 pullets will only net me about $200.

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That's exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for, thank you Percheron!

So, i can keep an eye out for some barred hens to replace my cockerels, and set Buff and sex link eggs in December and do okay... I want a few new hens in the spring for myself anyway smile.png
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