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Whenever people talk about what a chicken will look like that is crossed, I think all bets are off.

As for large combs. Someone in our local chicken group saw a picture of some of my birds and asked what breed that cockerel was. I said, it's a pullet and it's an Ancona. It was only half grown. Normally even Mediterranean breeds pullets wait forever to get big combs but not always.
exactly cross breeds are do not follow the now once you get an f2 or f3 then you can predict what they will do but not f1s they are so random
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Originally Posted by Seesagirl View Post

The Tractor Supply in our area is crap too. I was told the two bantams I got were silkies. Sadly I was still too much of a novice to realize they weren't. Called the manager and she's like oh, well they came in a box marked assorted bantams. They were Mille fleur d'uccle bantams. But that's all good, one turned out to be a beautiful roo!

Just go to all the different feed stores near you until you find a good one. I have the options of four different places. One they sell boring breeds, two they mislabel breeds, but the last is amazing. They get a huge variety including game birds, they actually know about the chicks (!) and they're very accommodating. They sell thousands of chicks every year, which is amazing since they're in a semi rural area. You just need to find a reliable store.

I have no idea what breed yours are, but I have Black Australorps and those aren't.
I will put 1000$ on them being black sexlinks today, I have a bunch of them, now the last one that's got white specs maybe a dom, one of my dom pullets does look like that very light at that age I can also show pics of her as
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as you can see this dom's markings are very light
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Oh and bf anyone says anything smart it is possible to get a dom with a single comb my last hatch I got 3 of 12 with single comb same parents, they aren't reconized by the APA as dom's , they where excluded may years ago but it is still in some lines and pops out every now and then especially in hatchery birds
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1871 was when the single comb birds where excluded but again in low standard birds you still get some
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