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Amberlink Roos

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Has anyone raised Amberlink Roos for meat.


I thought I was buying two Amberlink pullets at the feed store.  Turns out they are both roos. (yes I think I was hoodwinked since they are suppose to be a color sexed breed)  They are about 6 weeks old.


Are they worth raising another 6 weeks or so or should I cull now and save the feed and work in processing them?

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I'd sell or give away now if you can..are you sure there roosters,?
They won't weigh much at 12 weeks I think.
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As my grandpa would have said "I'll eat your hat if they are not"  :D


I am 99% positive, the combs and wattles are quite prominent.   Of course it would be a lot easier to tell if I had at least one hen to compare to.


I won't advertise on Craigslist or any site like that too many nut jobs in the world.   I'll spread the word here at work, church etc. and see if I get any takers.


I'm going to the feed store Friday after work with a picture in hand and tell them I am not happy.   This is the third year in a row in which I've bought 6 pullets (different breeds too) and ended up with 3 roos.  The New Hampshire I bought I'm pretty sure is a roo as well.  


This happened to me at two different feed stores.  (I have a thread about it)   I honestly think the feed stores are buying straight run and charging for pullets, its the only obvious explanation.

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