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Any ideas?

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I believe I bought this chick as a silver laced Wyandotte, but she has feathered legs! I just noticed this when I moved aver one into the new coop two nights ago. Can anyone ID this one?
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Mottled Cochin maybe?

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Originally Posted by junebuggena View Post

Mottled Cochin maybe?

x2 some type of Cochin not sure one color, probably mottled though.

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Its got more of a brahma type to me. Especially in the face. I suppose it could be out of light brahmas. I've seen some wild patterns come out of even the best light brahmas, once in a blue moon.

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I did actually get light Brahmas - go figure! I've BH been trying to figure out which one those are, as I got two Salmoj Faverolles at the same time!
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