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I think what you have is perfect.   My roosts start at 30 inches as well and even my overly chunky wyondottes jump/fly up to it now problem.   You have the "step up" at 18 inches which is perfect.  


When I saw the window ledges I was going to ask if they were roosting on them, I suspected they were.  Chickens like to roost as high as they can physically get.


I can't tell how far that is from the floor to the window ledges but as the birds get older and start to put on their adult weight they are likely not going to be able to get that high without some type of step up and ramp might do that as well.   It will also depend on the breeds you have.  Heavy breeds probably not, lighter breeds like leghorns, hamburgs will.

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They are roosting on the lower window ledges and they are only up from the floor 8"-12" in or so. The roost is higher by 18". I figured they will roost in the highest possible location, but so far they have been unwilling to jump/fly up the the roost or even roost on the roost pan ledge. Roosting on the windows isn't a major concern, I'd just like to be able to use the PDZ pan for cleanup :) They are roughly 11 weeks at the moment, so still have some growing to do. Guess I'll wait to on the ramp and see how it goes, because I definitely agree and cleanup is easier without it in there.  Running a mixed flock at the moment: Red sex link,  Amber whites, bantam arucauna, and bantam blue cochins.... 


Thanks for the compliments to those that have replied!

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