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Horse pics 😁😁😁

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Hey you guys and gals

I don't have any horses yet but I'm hoping soon each of my siblings will have one both sisters wan a horse and my mom wants 2 my dad is considering it so I will have 6 horses soon enough hopefully

Anyway I want to see your horse pics
(My girls name is going to be dreamer I think)
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I don't have horses yet either but I really want some. I don't have a good place for them yet but I am working on it. I used to have a horse but I had to sell him. Here is a pic of him when I still had him:

I am wondering what setup you are planing on having for your horses. Six horses would be a TON of work and the vet and farrierΒ bills would be huge. You might want to start small like two or so and work your way up to more horses.

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Sorry it took so long to reply
But I think we will have ten acres for the horses me and my two sisters will all feed and groom them and they will have a pond for water (hopefully) I (and maybe my sis) will have a farrier over three times to show us how to do it and so we can do it ourselves.

And for the vet my mom says there is no need for that many checkups as long as we check for signs of illnesses a lot and for vacancies and wormer there is a store near our house that sells them for a good price.
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Oh sorry and your horse that you used to have is beautiful
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Yea you could potentially have a good place for horses although they would still be quite costly. I do suggest a vet check your horses once a year at the minimum because there are illnesses and problems that could go undetected by someone who doesn't have the vets experience and expertise. Like checking a horses teeth or back especially as they get older is really important. And if one of the horses gets sick would you or your parents be willing to pay the possibly millions of dollars for vet care. With the wormer and vaccines I would ask a vet before giving vaccines to my horse and I would also ask to be shown how to do it. With the wormer you can do it yourself but my horse didn't like it at all and your horses probably wont either so make sure you wear clothes that can get dirty. There is nothing quite like trying to hold a 2 thousand pound animal still while trying to squirt wormer into his mouth.;)Β I am not trying to tell you what to do this is just my opinion and I am not trying to be rude.Β :)Β My riding instructor has around 11 or 12 horses so it is very possible to keep six horses happy and healthy. Your horses could have a really great life there. Oh and Dreamer is a very pretty name for a horse.


Thanks he was a really good boy. Β 

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Thank you and your welcome

I forgot to mention my friend is a vet so she could come by and give thing a little check every once in a while. For the millions of dollars sadly my mom would just get rid of them I believe.πŸ˜•
My mom also used to give horses and pigs vacancies so she could probably do it again.😞

You can state your opinion all you want to as long as your not being rude, and your not😊.

Have a good day
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Yea if your Moms friend is a vet and it sounds like your Mom has some horse experience too so your horses should be in good hands. :)Β It would have to be something very serious to get up into the millions of dollars like a major sugary or something like that. I hope you have good luck with your horses they are soo much fun to ride and have around. Would you be riding English or Western? I ride English usually but I occasionally ride Western.Β :)

Have a good day as well.Β :)Β 

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Haha thanks I ride western but my sister wants to ride English
And our friend has 9 horses that we went and picked out of every for us to ride
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English is fun and I jump so it makes it easier because I don't have to worry about landing on the horn.Β 

That is nice that you can ride at your friends house. What was the horse that you ride named? I ride a lesson horse named Mo she has an endless amount of energy and after every ride I can't walk or use my arms because I am soo sore.:P

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His name is buck he is a quarter paint mix and he has one blue eye
I think he is 3 or 4 and has been abused before. I am prey much training him

Oh although the first horse that I rode her name is midnight and she is all black but I don't know what kind she is

And they aren't really lesson horses they are there personal horses

Next week they get a bath
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