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Intestinal prolapse vs. Umbilical cord

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Please tell me this is an umbilical cord and not intestinal prolapse. Hatched this morning, 3rd grade class project (we have chickens so I was asked to help with this one), walking around, not fast or spry, strong, loud chirp.
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I am currently hatching some chicks for my first grade, and I have one that, I believe, as a hernia at the umbilical cord.  I've read that I should clean it (with?) and put some vaseline on it (or neosporin?) with a bandaid.  Any suggestions?


As to yours, it depends on how far out it is.  They do sometimes heal (I've read), but if they are too far out they won't.  If there is any yolk leaking out, that's not good.    If they step on them, pull  on them, or other chicks peck at it they can pull it out further (also not good), so I have my little guy alone in the incubabor right now, hoping for the best.


I'll send a photo of my little guy - if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.  It hatched this afternoon, appoximately 4.5 hours ago.

I'm going to have some mighty sad 6 year olds if this one doesn't make it.

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How's it doing?

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I have a great picture that I tried to post. I really think it is intestines. It's loopy and worm looking. I'm not sure why I can't get the picture in this thread.

He's doing great. He's moving around, doesn't seem to be in any pain and he's chirping. Thanks for asking. I guess we'll see how he is in the morning. All of our chickens are "he's" and we only have girls. That's what happens when the kids name them.
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Ooh, I hope she's ok.  It's so hard.  I have one standing in a cup now, to try to correct splayed legs.  So hard.  I just don't want to give up on it!!!  Poor little baby doesn't much like my "cures".  My students want me to take it to the vet...not sure I'm up to spending hundreds of dollars on a chick, sad to say, but I just don't know if they could really help!

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"Cocoa" died this morning. Intestinal prolapse through the vent. We had the funeral this afternoon. My kids always ask for the vet too. There are 4 chicks that are healthy between the two classrooms. I think they are coming home with us. Chicks in the kitchen again!

Don't give up on spraddle leg. I've fixed that before. Use the bandaid remedy. The pad of the bandaid separates their legs and each sticky flap wraps around a leg. It worked perfectly. For a few days they sort of lay on their side so you have to make sure they aren't getting picked on and that they are getting plenty of food and water. When we took the bandaid off she hopped right up and walked normal. Looking back I'm glad we didn't cull her. She was fine and the sweetest chicken we have ever had.

Let me know how she turns out.
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Trying again to upload the picture...
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I'm so sorry.  It never gets easier.  It is amazing what they can survive with for a little while.  Glad you have a few healthy ones!  A teacher at my son's school had 18 aruacana eggs, and no hatch.  Her class is very sad.  I'm going to try to find someplace that sells chicks to buy for her as a surprise "hatch" for her students!


I have 6 bantams, 1 with spraddled legs and 1 with umbilical hernia.  Don't know yet what will happen...poor spraddle is in a cup tonight.  We'll see how she is in the morning.  Is the cut straw with the rubber band or the band-aid better - any ideas?

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Bandaid worked for us. Straw seems hard. I think the classroom incubator temperature fluctuated and the humidity was to low. One classroom had two hatch, the other had three with the one that died. I think they each stated with 12 eggs. I keep hoping a few more will hatch. I hate to throw the eggs away. I hope you find some baby chicks for your surprise hatch!
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