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Pesticide Question

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so we moved into our house eleven years ago, and two years ago we got hens. The previous owners of our house used pesticides rather heavily. Lately I was thinking about this, and wondering whether such chemicals are condensed within eggs, and whether it is unhealthy to eat the eggs. I know for a fact that glysophate (roundup) was used but it isn't very toxic. Mostly I am worried about the pesticides that were banned in te 1970's like DDT, dieldrin, lindane etc. I know they last in the soil a long time so could the hens have a lot within them just from scratching around in the soil? If so, would this be transferred to their eggs? Thank you!
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Quite right that the older and newer, but cheaper pesticides have a longer half-life than expensive, modern ones. I'm unsure as to how chickens metabolise pesticides (but DDT was shown to weaken eggs shells, i recall). I know that in humans, residual pesticide compounds tend to accumulate in fatty tissues, but thats about all. 


The only way to be sure would be to have some soil samples taken and analysed, but that won't be cheap! I guess you could read up on the residual characteristics (half-life) of common pesticides used in your area a decade ago (farm supply store owners would know) and take it from there - but even then, without knowing the kind of dosages used, it will still be an educated guess. 


Good luck



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Thank you! I shall have to do some more research I guess.
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You are welcome and good luck

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