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I've used shavings for every batch of chick I've hatched and brooded. I have never had a chick die from pecking at shavings.

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Unlikely. If shavings being consumed and impacting the crops were happening, the chicks would not be pooping, and you would see swollen, over-sized crops.


But chicks, while they do consume some shavings, generally drink plenty of water, and it flushes it through their systems.

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Also, if they don't seem to show any symptoms of fluffed up feathers/ sleepiness then I doubt its coccidiosis.

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The gasping for air and such sounds like they can't swallow their food.

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Treat with videos. My last hatch ended with three beautiful babies getting cocci. They came in contact with chicks I had gotten a TSC that was already infected with it.
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Treat for cocci. I had three last hatch come in contact with my TSC chicks that where infected with it without knowing it. Corid is what cured my bunch dollar tree electrolytes mixed in.
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You have 7 left with a brooder that is too warm if you are using a light.

How big is the brooder? I'm guessing on the small side if a light is only giving you a 5 degree difference between warm and cold locations. 


If you are concerned about them eating the pine shavings, put in an old towel for now (also lets you see droppings easier).


Have they been outside at all? or just in their brooder?


Does the one opening/closing its mouth have anything you can see stuck or is it maybe just panting because it is a bit toasty?

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I took the pine shavings out just to be on the safe side.  I have brooded many chicks with shavings and never had it be an issue, but figured if they've got another problem maybe this was compounding it or maybe the dust was compounding a respiratory problem?  The feed store didn't have anything specific for treating cocci, so I got them the medicated chick starter and then they had oxytetracycline hcl, which is to treat three different illnesses including infectious synovitis, chronic respiratory disease and air sac infection and fowl cholera.  I checked my brooder after adjusting my lamp and it's at 92 on the warm side and 71 on the cool end.  They have not been outside at all, they are in my laundry room in a brooder.  They went straight from incubator to brooder and have had  no contact with other chickens.   They're feathers are not fluffed up at all either and I did not see anything obvious in the airway of the chick that has been gasping.  All the chicks I hatched from eggs of my own have had no problems at all, these chicks are one's I hatched from some hatching eggs I bought locally, so I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't something from the parent birds?  

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In addition to some of the advice you've already been given, you mentioned you have a "clear" bulb in your heat lamp.  You may want to check to make sure it's not one that gives off toxic fumes that will affect your birds:


I'm assuming that you're also checking the chicks for pasty butt?


So sorry to hear of your losses.  



What if the Hokey Pokey Really is What it's All About






What if the Hokey Pokey Really is What it's All About



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Yes, I have been checking daily for pasty bottoms since the day they hatched and not one has had that issue.  I don't have the box my light came in, but I found it online and I can't read anywhere about it being coated.  Here is the link to the bulb I have been using, maybe someone knows something about it...   I have been using this light and have already done 3 other batches of chicks (from my own hens) and they had no problems.  I'm devastated and just at a loss.  I have removed all pine shavings and put down paper towels hoping I could see their droppings easier and if it was an issue with them eating the shavings or the dust causing problems so I could eliminate that, I adjusted my heat lamp, and then I got them started on medicated chick starter and then the oxytetracycline, so hopefully something gives and this solves my problem, I just hate to lose anymore.  Also, I appreciate the sentiment over my losses.  I have a couple pics of their droppings if anyone can see anything that maybe I'm not, it looks normal to me.  

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