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My husband and I pulled her out of her nest box just about every day. So it's not as though I let her sit in there non stop. But she'd either march back in or march to a different corner of the yard to lay an egg and continue brooding. Honestly, at one point, we separated her from the birds, stuck her in an enclosed pen in part of our yard, without nesting material, and she just laid an egg and brooded in the corner, out in the open. Frankly, until recently she didn't seem any less healthy than the other birds who go through a broody period. Some hens are just more stubborn than others, as I'm sure many of you know. I appreciate that there are those out there who have the time, energy, and resources to monitor hens more closely, or instantaneously identify and treat a problem. I'm well aware that this isn't me. But I won't take your insinuation that I'm being a lazy or un-compassionate chicken keeper personally. I'm comfortable checking in on my hens once a day. I'm comfortable with the level of care I give my birds, and am well aware that it goes above and beyond what any of my farming neighbors would offer. I am also comfortable with the knowledge that despite our best efforts, some chickens are going to develop problems. I don't think it is particularly helpful to blame one another for being negligent or less knowledgeable when something goes wrong. I've lost hens before. I've saved hens before. And I'm happy to share my experiences so that they can help somebody else. This hen developed sour crop. Possibly linked to broodiness, possibly not. Despite my best efforts, she didn't make it. My scientific curiosity prevailed, and when she died, I cut into her crop to confirm, and she did indeed have a sour crop, with a lot of tangled grass in there. Her death is incredibly frustrating and disappointing to me. I wish I would have identified this sooner. However I know that even if I had, there is a chance that I wouldn't have been able to resolve it. Either way, I'm not about to blame myself for not being a chicken vet, and I hope those of you out there who find yourselves in a similar situation don't blame yourselves either. If you come to this site, you obviously care about your birds, and are looking for help and information not judgement. At the very least, I walk away from this experience with more knowledge for improved chicken husbandry in the future. Good luck to those of you who find yourselves with a similarly mysterious set of ailments. I hope my experience can shed some light into the dark! Perhaps you'll be able to identify the root cause sooner. :)

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We all do the best we can do with the knowledge and resources we have at any given time.  No need for any shaming or guilt.  Thank you for sharing your experience with the forum.  I'm sorry for your loss.

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Yay. broke the Broody !!  And she sat with me tonight... even jumped onto Dad's lap (which she has never done)  Still not "talking" to me... but on our way to normal !! 

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Please don't let the "professionals" deter you... I don't care what the topic is or how much education you have devoted to it.... there will always be those who gain their superiority by attempting to make others feel inferior!!  Life does not happen in a bubble.... and everyone's experience is different. Using some of the tips, and some maternal sense helped me bring my broody around.  But we all know that Mother Nature sometimes gives us a different outcome.... and you are not to be blamed for it. SHAME on those who try!! 


God Bless us one and all !! 

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