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Sexing help!!!!

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Sorry to post this, I have searched the forums pics and just can not see the difference in my quail and others as far as hen and roo. I got 20 of them and they all pretty much look identical. The seller said they were female and over 7 weeks old. So after the first 2 weeks here not a single egg. Plenty of water, high protein game feed, 14 hours of light (natural and artificial) nothing...can someone PLEASE help me! I am posting a pic of the little guys if you could take a look and maybe see if I might actually have all ROOS??? Thank you!!
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I have a trio and it took forever for the females to start laying I got them at 7 weeks and three weeks later they are finally starting to lay. (have you looked up how to vent sex quail?)

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Those are bobwhite quail. They mature significantly slower than coturnix. I have no personal experience, but I just found a thread on here saying they won't start laying till they are 21-25 weeks old.

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Males have a white stripe on each side of the head. These are bobwhites and will not lay eggs until 4-5 months most don't raise for meat or eggs for this reason.
Coturnix you can sex the Pharos jumbos or Browns at 3-4 weeks and most coturnix Lay eggs around 6 weeks.
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Thank you all so much!! I bought 20 coturnix females from him (lol) I guess I have some meat birds!! Now to find a new source for the right ones! Hosed again by Craig's list!! My first attempt at birds was a huge FAIL!! LOL
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Where are you located? There are a few Facebook group such as backyard quail
And coturnix breeders of America. You maybe able to find someone else near you.
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