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Mystery Chicken

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Can anyone tell me what breed you think she is? She was hatched at my daughters school! The unknown is killing me! 😂

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Big comb.. could be a rooster... not sure breed
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I was thinking the same thing...looks like a roo!
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Likely a mix breed... nothing wrong with mixed breeds. . Everyone's got um
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I did feather sex her a day or two after hatch and totally looked like a girl, but I easily could be wrong... I have been before! 😂 I'm totally cool with a mixed breed, I am just so curious. I can't find anything that looks like her, or him! Idk! 😜
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Feather sexing only is reliable when you cross a fast feathering breed with a slow feathering breed.. hatcheries breed for that...
He likely is a barnyard mix.. and probably can't be feather sexed aucurately
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