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They still seem so little

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I have a lavendar orp and a gold laced cochin (not a bantam). The lav is 4 weeks old. The cochin is 3 weeks old.


They are growing. Slowly. So very slowly. 

I don't recall any other chicks I've raised to grow so slowly.


I've had issues with this batch. first lav died within 24 hours, first blue cochin died in less than a week and an egyptian fayoumis died in less than another week.

First lav was hatched the day I picked her up and I attribute her loss to just didn't do well after hatch and didn't make it.

The cochin - no clue what that was, she had pasty butt for a short while (like just over night) and it was fine and then she died

the egyptian - i think that was failure to thrive. Poor baby just never could stay warm either.



It's been about a week and a half now and hopefully I'm done losing birds.


A few people suggested the cochin died due to cocci, so everybody was treated and then the egyptian died. I don't think any of this was cocci.

But does corid at such a young age slow their growth at all?


They have been brooded outside from day one. It has been 85 during the day here and 50s/60s at night. They run around supervised for an hour or more at a time usually 2x a day. They sleep in a great dane sized kennel with light on the porch with sand (was towels). They spend the days in the yard in a 6x3 "pen" when they aren't running around while supervised.



My last 2 girls (picked up end of Feb) were fully feathered at 4 weeks and much bigger.

The slower feathering I'm guessing is due to heat (or boys or who knows, hopefully not roos).



I have an orpington and don't recall her being this small. Never had a cochin.



Any thoughts? Or are they really not as small as I think they are?


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Hi. Im sorry for your losses. I was wondering could they be Bantams?

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I don't think they are. The gold laced cochins I saw at the farm were lf, not bantams. The orps were also lf as well.

And the cochin was a replacement for the blue cochin. When I brought her home at a couple days old, she was the size of the egyptian that was a week older, so I don't think I ended up with a bantam.


Anything is possible at this point, but I don't think they are bantams.

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Sorry, i can't think of anything else. I hope somebody will answer soon! 

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