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Drake Call Ducks fight...please HELP

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For the past year I have had a drake Snowy Call Duck named Duck and a drake White Call Duck named Whitey.  Whitey and Duck got along with each other just fine. Then in April I got a drake Black East Indies Call Duck named Indy and a drake Blue Fawn Call Duck named Giuseppe.  In the beginning Duck would chase Giuseppe and Indy out of the pond.  Sometimes Duck would catch Giuseppe when he was still in the pond and Duck would try to dunk Giuseppe in the pond.  Indy never stayed in the pond long enough for Duck to attack him.  Duck really didn't attack Giuseppe unless Giuseppe was on the pond.  We accepted that Duck was going to be the one on top of the chain.  Then last week Indy started to be the dominate one, with help from Giuseppe to chase Duck and Whitey.  The lady that we got Indy and Giuseppe from said Indy was always the first one to the food and the first one the water. Then 2 evenings ago we got home after it had gotten dark, and some how Whitey and Giuseppe got out of the fenced in area and our Weimaraner, Kicks, got a hold of Whitey and killed him.  Duck has been so lost without Whitey, all he does is sit in a corner and Indy continues to fight with Duck.  Today we drove 3 1/2 hours one way to get another drake White Call Duck (not named yet) and a drake Grey Call Duck named Frank. When we got home it was dark outside.  Even though we turn on our yard lights, the 2 new ducks did not want to be on the pond.  We had Duck locked up in the coop/run while we were gone (I was afraid Indy and Giuseppe would hurt Duck while we were gone,)

Indy and Giuseppe immediately went after the 2 new ducks.  We blocked Indy and Giuseppe in part of the pen and have Duck and the 2 new ducks together in the remaining part of the coop and entire run.  Duck seemed to accept the 2 new ducks...tomorrow I plan on letting Duck and the 2 new ducks out in the pond fenced in area and keeping Indy and Giuseppe locked in the coop/run.  I would love to be able to let all 5 ducks out together.  Help what should I do?  Please do not say to get hens...I do not want eggs and I seen how hard the drakes are on the hens.  (Years ago we had Rouens.)  Indy attacks Duck no matter where Duck hides.  Also, even though all 5 ducks are about 1 year old (give or take a month or two.) Indy is the smallest of the 5 and the meanest.  Thanks in advance for your much needed help.

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I think getting hens would only make things worse so I definitely wouldn't do that. Besides you'd need like 15+.

I would advise that you keep the two groups separate for a while so everyone can get to know each other without direct access. Being able to see each other but not touch is good. Since you already introduced the two newbies to Duck, keep them together but keep an eye on them.

Ducks are flock animals and intruders are not treated kindly sometimes. Give them time. I'd say at least a week separated. Then slowly give them supervised time together. Ideally in an area that neither group sees as "their" territory. You can also try giving them special treats during these times. This will help them associate good things with the other ducks. Just make sure you offer plenty so they don't fight over it.
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Forgot to say, sorry about Whitey.
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Thanks for the help.  I will keep you posted on how things go.  So far the 2 new ducks and Duck are getting along on the pond.  This is the first that the new ducks were on a pond.  And thanks about Whitey, he was such a sweet duck and will be missed dearly.

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