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Egg bound and prolapse

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I just found my 8 month old Wyandotte with a prolapsed vent. I took her inside, washed her bum and when I pushed it back in I felt an egg. It's behind a membrane or something so I couldn't actually pull it out, but I could definitely feel it in there. I got some hemriod cream and Epsom salt. I will give her a warm Epsom salt soak and put some cream on her. Anything else I could do? I don't have a vet that will treat her so it's up to me
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Give her a calcium tablet, a Tums, or some ground egg shell in a bit of yogurt or egg for calcium, in case she is deficiency.Make sure she is drinking a lot of water. Make sure that she is able to pass droppings. Honey is also good to help decrease swelling. I would just keep a close eye on her so that you can push the prolapse back in if it comes out, and keep her clean. You may be able to lubricate her vent, and try to manipulate the egg out.The egg could be too big to pass, but I hope it comes out with baths, abdominal massage, and the calcium. Here is some reading for you:

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Thanks for the suggestions. Yoghurt is her favorite and she's interested in food so I should be able to get some in her when she's done with her bath. I'm gonna let her soak a while because she seems to be enjoying it
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Ok so let her soak for half an hour then cleaned her vent and put hemriod cream on her vent and pushed the tissue back in. It stayed in until just a little while ago when she passed the egg that was stuck. I'm going to apply more cream and push it back in. She ate sour cream with powdered calcium in it and has been drinking just fine on her own. Should I make a wrap to keep the vent from prolapsing again or do you think it will stay now that she passed the egg?
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Love the picture. Oh, I am so glad that she passed the egg. It may still come out, but just push it back in and keep it moist so the tissue dos not dry out. Place her in a dark room to help stop her from laying, which may take a few days. You can also reduce the protein amount in her food to help stop laying.
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Ok will do. She's in a dark room in a box so she doesn't move around too much. I keep checking but her vent has stayed in place since the egg is out. She's pooped but that passed without it coming out again. I'm giving her normal layer pellets right now. They are 16% protein. Is that too much? I normally supliment their protein because I know layer feed usually has the minimum amount required.
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