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Fire ant disposal methods

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I have fire ant mounds all over the yard.  The girls free range in the same area.  They won't EAT the fire ants so I have to get rid of the ants.  !  HOW?,...without getting rid of them as well?  Amdro kills fire ants but I'll bet it won't do my girls any good!!     captbridgers

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Try corn flour. I have not tried it myself but many I know swear by it. Apparently ants cannot digest cornflour and so it kills them. Just pour a handful of cornflour beside each round.
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Mound.... autocorrect
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Thanks for your suggestion!  Will try it & advise you of its success (hopefully) or failure if it be!  Regards, captbridgers

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Sorry I meant corn meal. I must have been sleep deprived. But do let me know how it works!
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