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From my research the bottom one is a definite roo, but the top one looks more like a hen. Don't count me on this because as you can see I'm needing help with my little one as well.

Yea, this waiting about the chicken's sex is hard. We interact with our 6 chickens everyday. They all come to me when I let them out of the coop after work. They know I usually have some kind of treat. The chick, Spot, is my son's chick. My friends have meat chickens and we may have to cull a few roosters, but not Spot. I am positive we have at least 2 hens, maybe 1 more if Big Girl is a hen. Turq is a Spotted sussex, and another of my spotted sussex, Dusk, has the larger comb/wattles, but is not nearly as big as Turq, soooooo, maybe Dusk is hen.

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That's a pullet. I think what you're seeing is just the difference between the black skin and the regular colored skin. I'm not sure that's an Aussie, that a straight comb? It kind of looks like a rose comb, but I can't tell if it's the angle or not. 
Don't know if this helps I'm not with the little guys right now so I had my brother take a picture.
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