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hey everyone so far the eggs i put under them last saturday are doing good and have veins and i can even see what appears to be a heartbeat inside and im really excited!:celebrate the doves are doing great and i had three eggs under them but noticed the third was constantly pushed from under them so i removed it. I candled the eggs about 20 minutes ago and noticed one had a small crack in it nothing major it seems but i can feel it if i rub my finger on the egg i was wondering if there is something i should do about the crack seeing how it isnt losing any fluids from the inside and the veins and embryo seem to be ok or will this lead to problems later on?  ill keep everyone interested updated and get a picture or 2 after they hatch but im leaving tonight to go to florida  for a familly cruise until sunday of next week so i hope nothing happens while im gone i really want to see their faces when the babies hatch (they are a female pair that lay eggs and sit all the time  but for obvious reasons never hatched) :lauthankyou in advance!