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Rate baby flocks

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Hey Guys, just wanted to see how good my baby flock is. Rate my flock on a scale of one to five please. It consists of: three Golden Laced Wyandottes, three Barred Rocks, one Easter Egger, and one Buff Orpington. Feel free to post your baby flock down below, it will be rated.
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Trying to gain attention here...😂
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I don't see a pic.

Also I can't post a pic since I only have a smartphone hmm.png
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Just wanted to rate them as in how the good the breeds are and how they mesh together as a flock. Understand the no picture struggle, on a smartphone as well...
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I am into gold as well. So I have gold spangled appenzeller spitzhauben. 3 and 2 silver. They have 2 blue swedish ducklings for companions and 2 Spanish turkeys. smile.png they are 2 weeks and the turkey poults don't run away!

This is my first time having birds besides the 10 week old black barred rock pullets for laying.

I'd say our flock has a lot in common (gold and black!)

8/10 am I doing this right?
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Most definitely. Thank you for the review. Your flock sounds wonderful! Have you had any losses, or has nature been good to you?
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I haven't lost any.

That's because the hatchery gave me 9 bb chicks when I paid for 8. I dlsaid to myself "they gave me extra because they expect one to die! Who's the mulligan?!" haha. Then I watched them all day and cleaned pasty button with warm running water under the tap lol.
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Smart. We have had one loss, our Buff Orpington Hope. Had a little funeral for her.
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I cant name my pullets yet since the look alike but I was thinking of getting them little charm anklets and naming them for their personality. I'd call the first to lay Henrietta, the bossy one Queenie, etc. I have a name list on a previous post that I will choose from. I really like Gertrude for hen also (gertie or trudie) Talulah and Tabitha. calliope. smile.png
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Luckily, we can distinguish our chicks from one another.
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