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Laying hen lethargic and gargling

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I went to check the coop this morning and this hen had not gotten off the roost. She is lethargic and is making a funny noise when she breaths. She had whitish/red poop too. I have added the link below. Need help on what this might be. I would prefer not to go to a vet.

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Have you heard about "flystrike"? I was just informed about this last week. It is awful and will kill your chicken quick. Flystrike is when there are maggots on the bum of the chick. The maggots basically eat the chick from the inside out.

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I have not heard of that. I just treated with DE last week though. I briefly checked vent for egg binding, and didn't notice any maggots. I will check again though.
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How old is she? Is she the only one that is sick? If so I would remove her for the others. Will she eat or drink? Does the red poop look like blood?
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She is roughly 1 year old. She is the only one that is sick out of five hands. I have not seen her get up to eat or drink. It is hard to tell if the red is blood or not so I can't say definitively. Any ideas on the YouTube video I posted?
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I googled hen making gurgling sound and i found this page. 

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Could it be sour crop do you smell a sour smell coming from her beak? Is her crop full? And what dose her crop feel like?
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Her breath was stinky, so I massaged the crop. It did not seem large but seemed hard. Maybe marble size. I set her down to google and she pooped (pic below). Picked her back up and crop felt plyable, still marble size. She walked around a little, which I haven't seen her do today.
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I also got her to drink some water.
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