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Please help

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My 1 year old chicken died today. I have no idea what happened. She was fine this morning. I'm so upset right now- they're like our pets. We have 7 chickens, around 1 year,
And then introduced some baby chicks around a month ago. 3 of my chickens stopped laying eggs- I assumed they were upset that they had to share their space
With new Chicks, but figured they'd get
Over it soon. Does anyone have any idea
What could be going on? I'm so upset right
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Sorry about your hen. I have lost chickens around that age who never showed symptoms of anything being wrong. Sometimes they can have subtle signs that we don't notice. They might be egg bound, have a crop or gizzard blockage, be suffering from a heart or other organ failure, or other unknown reason. Getting new chickens can sometimes bring in unknown diseases, but without getting a necropsy by your state vet or a poultry vet, it is hard to know the cause. Sometimes doing a necropsy yourself can rule out a few common problems.
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