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New chick mom

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Hi! So right now I have 12 chicks. 10 2 week old buff orpingtons and two misfits I resuced (easter egger and Polish crested".
Three days ago I noticed one of my buffs just didn't look right. Her underside is bloated. She has always been the runt per say of the group.
She's still eating, drinking, pooping and very active just swollen? Every now and then she actually gets her leg kind of stuck around the swollen area but other than that she's fine? If it was mushy chick I figured she would be lethargic, not eating and probably gone by now... but she's still with me and I'm just a little perplexed on what could be going on. I separates her from the group and check her frequently. any info or advice would be most helpful!
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Here is what she looks like..
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Your photo didn't post.


I'm thinking your little chick has acites. That's fluid accumulting in the abdominal area usually from a malfunctioning liver. It's not generally painful, nor does it cause sickness, but it is always fatal eventually. If this is indeed what's happening, she probably has some genetic defects affecting her organs.


There's a chance, though, it's nothing but how she's built.


If you can figure out how to post a photo, I recommend you go the the Emergencies forum and post there.

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Thank you! I reposted the photo here and in the emergencies forum like you suggested
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