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Chicken Eczema?

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One of my silkies, currently almost 2 years old, has recently developed white, dry patches on her face, almost like eczema. Is this dangerous? How do I fix it? If it helps, she has been rather broody for the past week.
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She may have dry skin from being a little dehydrated, but there is a fungal disease called favus that can cause white patches. I would try some coconut oil or olive oil on her dry skin. If that and giving her extra water doesn't help after a week or two, you can try some antifungal cream such as lotrimin or monistat 7.
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I tried the olive oil and it helped a lot! Some of the dried skin flaked off and it keeps her moisturized really well. Thank you so much!

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You are welcome--I am glad it was that simple.
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