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chick with loss of balance

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I have a two-week old easter egg chick which seems to have a problem standing back up. She seems to be showing signs of coccidiosis, lethargic, puffed up loss of weight, not growing as fast as the others. Her poop is green, a little watery, and has small black flakes, no blood yet. She seems to be eating just fine, but not drinking as much as the others. We started her on cordid. She can walk around ok, a little slow, but when she does lose her balance, she can't figure out how to get back up. She just starts pumping her feet and wings, but just can't seem to figure out how to get her feet back under her. I usually find her laying on her back flaying away. Is this a typical symptom of coccidiosis, or is this something worse?


We started her on medicated food as soon as we got her, but the store had her for a week before we picked her up, and they don’t feed them medicated. We had her for 6 days before the symptoms showed up.

Any ideas?

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Welcome to BYC. Coccidiosis is usually more common in chicks a little older. I would keep her on the Corid, but I would get some Poultry Nutridrench or Poultry Cell vitamin tonic at the feed store, and give her a 1/4 ml orally every day with a dropper. Generally when new chicks act off, they may need more fluids, electrolytes, and make sure they are not getting constipated.
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This is a video of the chick. It seems that the reason why she is not able to get back up is because she is not using her wings. I am wondering if it she may be paralyzed in her wings. She doesn't appear to feel any pain when I move her wings, so it doesn't seem to me that she is injured.


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Avian encephalomyelitis could be a possible problem. It is a virus that causes paralysis and tremors, and chicks under a month old are affected, and may be found lying on their sides.I would continue giving the Corid however, and making sure that she drinks well. Here is some reading:

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Thank you so much for the reply. Unfortunately she took a dramatic turn for the worse this morning. She was sneezing and had no strength to even hold up her head.  


I went ahead and put her down.


Thanks for taking the time.

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Sorry for your loss. A necropsy by your state vet can be done on a refrigerated body, to look for a cause of death.
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