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Green poop, lathargic...worried

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Hi, I need some help. Fairly new to this and have been reading these threads and am now very worried.

I have a black Orpington (Nugget) almost 4 months, she lives in the house in a cage not outside in the coop, but will eventually go outside. However she does go out regularly. Since yesterday she has been very lathargic and her poop is very green and watery. I fed her yogurt the previous day and she loved it. Now she just stands up sleeping all day, seems weakand pale, and is not really eating that much. Thought it could be worms but as she lives in the house unlikely! Please help.
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Will she eat some egg or yogurt if you add it to her feed? Do you have some electrolytes to add to ner water? Green droppings are a sign of not eating. I would check her for crop bockage, and take a sample of her droppings in to a vet tomorrow for a test for coccidosis and worms. Maybe she is lonely, and I would try placing her in a crate near the other chickens to see if she will eat and drink.
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