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Just not sure...

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We bought hatching eggs from a friend, she had the eggs all labeled and gave us a guide to show which lets mean which breed. However, we had an egg marked Mille Fleu d'Uccle but my understanding is they all have feathered feet, my other two do but this one does not. Other breeds on the list were Serama, which we have one and she looks nothing like her, Black Tail Japanese Buff, and Golden Laced Wyandotte. I have googled the different breeds and just can't figure it out, she looks a lot like my other MF hen but just doesn't have feathered feet! Can anyone give me some idea, is she a MF without feathered feet? Is she one of the other breeds? Help!

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Hmm, it maybe a genetic mess up :hu.

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This is what I kept telling my husband... but at the same time we really have questioned her breed.
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