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For those of you that got your EEs from a hatchery order... did you end up with either an unexpected male, or an extra chick in the order that ended up being a male. I think I have the second one.... at 4 weeks old, I believe I'm seeing the start of 3 rows on the comb of one of my EEs. I ordered 2, but 3 were sent so of course I expected one to be a male. This one in question is larger than the others, more independent, and feisty. I'm actually hoping it is a male, but I'm not too excited about its colors. It's mostly white with salmon coloring on the chest and wings, and a blue/gray coming in on the head. To me, all EEs are pretty, especially roos, so I'm sure this one will turn out to be interesting, but I can't help but want to see everyone's roos to get an idea of what I may end up with. Please feel free to say a little about their personality too. I've only had one other roo (not EE) and he's perfect in every way as far as his manners and attitude go. I will get updated pics of my chick in question and post here as well.