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Baby chick can't stand up anymore

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Hi everyone,

I need some help. I have a baby chick here about three weeks old who suddenly can't walk or even stand up anymore. He also sometimes opens his beak weirdly as if he had trouble breathing. I have been handfeeding him Nutribird since today with vitamins and made some sort of a hangmat so he atleast stays up instead of lying of his back/side. He still isn't improving but chirps happily most of the time. He is also tired allot.

What could be wrong with him and what should i do to help? Could it be neurological?
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He could be suffering from dehydration or weakness from not eating and drinking enough, but he could have coccidiosis or a respiratory infection. Where died he come from? Is there any mold in the brooder from spilled water on the bedding? How is the air circulation? Is the temperature around 75-80 degrees in the brooder? Give him electrolytes and fluids to make sure that he is not dehydrated, then keep up the Nutribird or try some egg. If he could have coccidiosis, then try to get some amprollium or toltrazuril to treat it. Symptoms of coccidiosis are weakness, sleepiness, diarrhea with mucus or blood, and hunched or puffed posture.Are you in France?

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It's actually not my chick but my neigbours, I took care of it while they're away. I brought it to my home because I have a chicken box with heathing lamp. The mother and other two baby chicks are totally fine so I don't think it's coccidiosis, since that's very contagious. But I did notice just now it has diarrea and his "bum" looks kind of like an big open hole if you know what I mean. He still isn't improving at all.
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