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is this a standard med-kit for chickens do i need anything more?


poultry Nutri-drench, poultry Vetericyn spray, blue-kote, Corid, oxytetracycline powder, terramycin ophthalmic ointment, various sizes of syringes, gauze pads, vet wrap bandaging, bandaids, ProBios powder, q-tips, oxine, electrolyte powder, tweezers, styptic powder, olive oil, chemical hand-warmer,.a dewormer and a treatment for lice/mites

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Ok, I don't keep all this in stock. But I'd say you have it covered. Who know when you will need something. Being ready is good. So yes you have every thing needed.
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The two things that I've used that aren't on that list are Preparation H and sterile lubricant (basically K-Y jelly). It was for a prolapsed vent on a chick that arrived with massive coccidiosis.

I haven't yet used the vet wrap/band-aids because no splayed legs or crooked toes yet. Haven't used the styptic powder because no broken blood feathers yet. Everything else I've had to use at least once this spring. roll.png

The oxine I put in a vaporizer for a respiratory illness, but inactivated it also makes a great disinfectant for chicken things including watering systems.
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