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I just finished up my third bunch of chicks using the heating pad method and Ill never go back to a heat lamp again.
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I am using


a ceramic heat emitter bulb with my latest batch of chicks.  It screws into a regular light fixture like a lightbulb but puts out no light.  Just heat.  A 75W bulb about 10" off the cage floor keeps that area around 80º to 85º in my house.  Since the chicks are in the house, it's important to me that they sleep all night!    You can buy these bulbs at pet stores, or get them  cheaper on Ebay.  I paid under $7 for mine, free shipping.   I'll never go back to a light bulb again.   

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post #13 of 15 least I never do.  Well, I take that back....very early in the Mama Heating Pad thread @azygous asked me what the temperature was under there.  I didn't know - all I knew was that the chicks that had been using it for several days seemed happy.  But out of curiosity I put a wireless thermometer in the cave.  The room temp was 69 degrees.  The temperature under the heating pad was 82.9.  I know, GASP, SHUDDER!!  Why weren't all my little chicks dead, or huddled up in a corner shivering?  Well, it's because they were being warmed by their backs coming into close contact with the underside of the heating pad.  I wasn't warming the entire space they occupied.  The heating pad was the warm spot, not the air in the cave.  Others who have used MHP and have taken temperature measurements have reported about the same temps I came up with.  


A much more accurate measure is how the chicks behave.  Are they running all over the place exploring and eating?  When they go under do they make little churring sounds rather than distressed peeping?  Do they climb on top to survey their domain and take little cat-naps?  If so, they are doing just exactly what they'd do under a broody hen and you've got it made!  If they act like they are cold, huddling and cheeping loudly, they are cold.  Either pop the temperature of the pad up a notch or smoosh (official MHP technical term) the frame down a bit to bring it closer to their backs.  If they won't go in at all, chances are it's too warm.  Turn it down or pull the center of the frame higher.  Easy as that!

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The heating pad is the BEST thing ever.... seriously. So happy I went that route and got it all set up before I got them. Took some adjusting, but they love to hang out of top, jump off of it, and then go in when the sun goes down. Best $13 EVER. 

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Thank you blooie I will definitely be trying this.
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