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Hen with curled foot

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I have a 2yr hen found egg bound got through that but her right foot is curled and she can't stand. It's been day 3 now, gave nutri drench and herbs (yarrow,mints,basil,thyme) she has been eating and drinking her poo is solid again. What do I do to get her up again?
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Riboflavin is the important vitamin to give for curled toe paralysis, and there is non in Poultry NutriDrench for some strange reason. Get some other brand of poultry vitamins or give her some nutritional yeast, beef liver, mushrooms, yogurt or cottage cheese, or egg every day for riboflavin. Have you added any new birds to your flock recently? Could she have injured her leg? If you sit her upright does she sit on her hocks or elbows?
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Thanks, I have given yogurt and churched a b complex vit and gave that. I have 6 week old chicks in pen next to my two big gals ,but I found her the other morning half dead and egg bound and believe this was related. It's her right foot that is cured and she sits like she would in her nest box.
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Well, that is good to know that she recently was egg bound, because sometimes temporary lameness or paralysis can occasionally happen to egg bond hens. Where did the chicks come from, and how old were they when you got them?
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I got them from Myers Hathery 2 years ago April they have been healthy till this. Do you think she will walk again?
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I got my original  chicks from Meyer in Polk, Ohio which did well for the most part.  I hope she recovers from this. Some things just take some time, and some TLC.

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Thank you, she seems a little better this morning. Her toes are not as tight and she is trying to scoot, been giving egg and blue berries . Have some kale in there for her too.
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