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They do seem happy - they are eating like velociraptors and getting pretty big for the 3rd brooder.  We are currently overrun with tent caterpillars (ugh).  Combined with the recent rain and cool weather it hasn't seemed opportune to let them out into the run.  What stage are you at with chickens?

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Right now i dont have any but im reading books and studying alot!


im looking at brahma bantams :jumpy

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HI fluffychick 430; glad a fellow Albertan is here.  I am a newbie as well; my first flock is in the brooder. 

Welcome to BYC....what kind of babies do you have?

I just wanted eggs!
I just wanted eggs!
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I joined BYC the autumn before I planned to get my first chicks.  The site is informative and the users are very helpful.  I find it to be a reassuring resource.  Of the books I have consulted so far Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens by Gail Damerow has broad content and has been the most useful. 


I had/have a lot of concerns about our weather and predator challenges.  I am not sure where you are located, so your environment may be quite different from mine.  I am on a rural property outside of Elk Point. 


My original thought was to choose the breed Chanteclair for my first flock, a heavier heritage breed well suited to cold climate.  Also, kind of cool that the breed was developed in Canada.  I was unsuccessful in identifying a breeder who could supply me with my required quantity of 25.  So that remains a goal for the future. 


I did purchase Red Sussex Cross chicks from Miller Hatcheries in Rochester, AB through the local Peavey Mart.  I am sure it is more good luck than good management but all the chicks survived and appear hale and hearty.  Some chicks did experience some pasty butt for the first week or so.  I put some supplementary heat in the coop and the weather warmed up and that seemed to reduce frequency and severity.  I washed quite a few chicken bums and dabbed vaseline on the vent area.  I wasn't super happy with the vaseline.  Another BYC user suggested olive oil, which I will try next time.  Other than that, I have not experienced any health or behaviour concerns to-date.


I hope you find this helpful, and I look forward to learning along with you.

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