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Chickens falling one by one

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 Well, I've had 3-4 die from this thing so far.. First was a Barred Rock. She became skinny, no fat at all. Acted tired all the time, became weak. Then die when she was asleep. Next was my Ameracuna, figured it was worms gave her some medicine. She got fat again and is great still. Then, a partridge cochin.. She became skinny, I gave her the medicine. She died anyways. Now, my silkie hen. I don't want to lose this one. She's gotten skinny, but she still eats and drinks, I've given the medicine. I'll tell you guys the stuff if you want to know. Her crop is full, but she's so skinny. Please help :(

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Welcome ro BYC. Sorry about your chickens, but something is definitely happening here,,whether it is an infectious disease or crop impaction. How old are your chickens? What do you feed them? Can you send a refrigerated body to your state vet for a necropsy, if you lose another? The more symptoms you list the easier it is to diagnose. What did you treat rhem with? Where are you located? Did your chickens receive any vaccine?
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