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Squishy Chest?

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My lorp has had a squishy chest for months. Sometimes it goes down, but right now it's huge. It feels like a large, warm water balloon.

It doesn't seem to bother her.
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Her crop is distended from food. Make sure that it is mostly empty by early morning. With chronic overeating, they can develop a pendulous crop where the crop loses muscle tone. Is her crop full and hard, or full and ballon like? Impacted crop or sour crop can be very dangerous. If the crop empties over night she may just be overeating. Do some research on crop disorders here on BYC at the top of the page.
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It feels like a water balloon.
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If her crop is still full and balloon-like in early morning, I would cage her and give her water with electrolytes and vitamins, such as SaveAChick, and put some yogurt in for her to eat. Look up sour crop treatment. Two Crows has a good thread about crop disorders.
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