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Chick's leg limp

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When checking on my chicks this morning I found one with a completely limp leg. Unable to stand. She is 1 of the 12 I ordered from an online hatchery. So I had her vaccinated for merreks and since I've had them also gave Newcastle vaccine. They are almost 6 weeks now. They have been confined in a 4 by 8' room so not to catch anything from wild birds. The only thing I can think of that may have caused this is landing wrong off the 18" or 8" high roosts I gave them. They have a 3" layer of shavings, medicated starter and water at all times. I matched the light timers with outdoors and have the room set to max temp of 75'.

Any suggestions?
I put vetrap around it to keep it in a natural position. Set her alone by a food and water dish so she doesn't have to walk. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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she has passed. She went into a seizure and when she stopped she was stiff as a board. I wonder if she didn't get properly vaccinated at the hatchery. Any other guesses?
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I am sorry for your loss. You could get the chick necropsied by the state vet or the one in NH. The body must be refrigerated, not frozen. Six weeks is a little young for Mareks, but I believe that 3 weeks old is the youngest it can show up.
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