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Sick Chicken

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So, I'm a chicken first timer. Picked up all my pullets from a local breeder that one of my friends has had good luck with. About a week in, one seemed a bit more lethargic than the others, but still generally ok. About two weeks ago I the same chick is unable to get into the coop. I immediately pulled it from the others and started treatment with some advice from the local feed store, and from what I could find online. The day after I brought it inside it got much worse, and it's condition hasn't really changed since then, about two weeks ago.


I immediately started nutri drench, and duramycin added to water. After a week with no change, I stopped the antibiotic and just add nutri drench into it's moistened food, as it struggles to drink. About the only time it's head is up is when it's eating. Balance is off, and it seems to not be in full control of where it goes, choosing most of the time to back up, even after hitting a wall. The head is between it's legs circling most of the time... like in the video.


The rest of the flock seems fine. Any idea what this is, or how I can treat?



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Vitamin E and selenium also B complex vitamin added into food or water. Looks like head torsion or wry neck. I would say treat with corrid in the case of cocci but do not mix the corrid with the vitamins.
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Welcome to BYC. This looks like wry neck or crookneck which is a neurological symptom of several conditions, such as a vitamin E deficiency, certain diseases( Mareks, avian lymphoid leukosis, Newcastles,) and from a head injury. Most treat them with vitamin E and selenium, which are both in your Poultry Nutridrench. Dosage is 1ml per every 3 pounds.

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With two weeks and no improvement, what kind of odds do I have here?
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Many cases of wry neck are not resolved. Many try for a couple of weeks to treat, and go from there. Here is some reading for you:

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