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Please help someone

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Ethal my year old bantum sits roosting but does not lay, but she looks like she is trying to push an egg out.  I took her to the vet and she does not have a temperature, no respitory issue. she is not egg bound. she is eating and drinking very little. she doesnt have mites or any sign of injury. he didnt seem to know what is wrong!! does anyone have any suggestions, i have ordered some calcium tablets. she has been like this for 4 days and im very worried. Her motion is normal. please help someone!!

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If the vet determined she is not egg bound, then she is probably just taking some time off egg laying, they do that every so often...
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But shes not eating or drinking much and she wont come out of her roost

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Sounds like she is broody, again this is a natural behavior...
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