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Can't "see" any reason why?

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My 14 mo old Pekin duck started limping maybe 4 days ago. This morning I noticed there is swelling where the ankle joint connects to the foot and is pretty warm to the touch. I did see a tiny scrape on the bottom of her foot but nothing else. What can I do to help her aside from cleaning it and wrapping it up?
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You may want to include a picture, and also post this on the duck thread where the duck experts can help. The scrape may or may not be part of the problem, but bumblefoot, which are seen as redness, swelling, and a dark spot on the bottom of foot and toe pads, can spread into the joints causing infection. She may have just sprained her foot in a jump, or she could possibly have mycoplasma synovitis (MS) in her leg. I'm not familiar with ducks, bu t Amiga and others are. Here is some reading about bumblefoot, joint infections, and MS:

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