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Can chickens choke to death?

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I came home from work today to find one of my girls laying dead by the feeder.  She was fine this morning and seemed healthy in every way.  When I pulled her out of the coop she did have a mouth full of food as if she died in the middle of a meal.  It was in the high 90's today but they have plenty of shade and fresh water so I'm at a loose as to what caused her to die.

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They can! When the crop of a chicken isn't working right, or when there's a lack of water, then this can occur. As to why your chicken died, is a mystery in itself though. Nothing I can think of that you're doing wrong either.



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my hen choked to death within a few seconds. I was there and couldn't do anything to save her.

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Yes they can. Sometimes, if they eat too fast, it happens. Fairly common thing to happen.
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